Door automation and proximity readers

Access and Door Entry for the Elderly and Disabled

Automated doors to meet the needs of the disabled

Access and Door Entry for the Elderly and Disabled

DDA door entry systems, door automation, proximity readers and further products to assist the disabled with access to businesses, premises and homes.

Dorcom's policy and approach to disabled access includes full referencing and inclusion of disabled people themselves as well has their carers and representatives.

We are pleased to visit you free of charge to talk and work through all of your issues on a personal level. We very much look forward to being able to assist.

Care homes need to offer a safe and secure refuge for the elderly and the disabled.

These vulnerable occupants of care homes require a comfortable yet accessible environment that at the same time safeguards its residents and allows them to be as independent as possible.

Dorcom are able to design and install access control systems and door automation that not only provide security, but are able to greatly assist the daily lives of the elderly, disabled and infirm.

In many instances, we interface with existing systems in order to improve their functionality. This may include features such as door automation, hands free access or push to exit buttons. These have been installed not only in care homes and businesses, but in private accommodations and homes.

"..Very very pleased. It's made a huge difference, I can now come and go as I please. Thank you."

Many retirement and supported living homes would benefit from an access control system whereby the user has a fob or card and they present it to a reader, and if you're authorised to access, the automated door will unlock and/or open.

Completely hands-free access is made possible by long range proximity readers, whereby, when you approach the door the fob is read even if it’s in your bag or attached to a wheelchair or walking frame. You can also limit access for certain people at certain times, making your site even safer.

For further information and impartial advice on independant living, please visit The Disabled Living Foundation at


DDA Door Entry Systems

These door entry panels and systems are designed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This Act requires service providers and landlords to consider making reasonable adjustments to the physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access. The Bell DDA panels have been designed to address the varying interpretations and compliance with the legislation with regards to door entry systems.

For the blind or partially sighted
  • Pushbuttons with a high-visibility 'halo' ring are used.
For wheelchair users
  • These panels have an extended length that allows operation from both able-bodied and wheelchair users at different heights
For the deaf or 'hard of hearing'
  • Each panel includes two bright indicator lights; one permanently engraved with 'Speak Now' when a call has been answered, and the other engraved 'Door Open' for when the resident has triggered the lock release.
Resident or Employee facilities
  • Added options include; a panel-mount proximity reader for resident or employee access, a CCD camera for connection to a video telephone and Tradesmen facilities.


Door Automation

The automatic swing door is ideal for those wanting a welcoming and easy access to their home or place of work. The swing drive can be fitted above the door utilizing the smallest of space. Automatic swing doors can be fitted as a single or a double to gain even more access. Part M of the building regulations is satisfied when using an automatic swing door.

Ideal for low, medium and high traffic areas. Automatic doors can be linked to hands free access control to allow disabled persons the freedom to continue to use door access without having to even press a button. Dorcom have fitted automated doors to elderly rest homes, grand private residences, schools and much more. For more information or a bespoke quotation then please contact us.



Panic Alarm Systems

The Bellcall is a versatile emergency call system which lends itself to a multitude of applications in a number of different markets. Although these systems are typically installed in care and nursing homes there are other market sectors that have emergency call systems installed.

Some of the features of the Bellcall system:
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Hard-wired; standard alarm cable or CAT5.
  • Call point units fit standard single or double gang electrical boxes (surface or flush).
  • Operates on 12v DC with optional standby battery.


  • Two call levels; standard or emergency with differing alarm tones.
  • Call reset using pushbutton and/or magnetic key.
  • Alarm Tone mute.
  • External alarm relay.
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